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User Generated Content: CAP Codes


Insights from CAP relating to user generated content and how / where CAP codes apply:

The scope of the CAP Code covers marketing communications by or from companies, organisations or sole traders on their own websites, or in other non-paid-for space online under their control.  Consequently, unprompted UGC, where a customer initiates the communication by tweeting to your handle or posting to your timeline, is outside the remit of the CAP Code (N5 Ltd).

There are instances, however, in which the ASA considers that UGC is “by or from companies, organisations or sole traders” and is therefore subject to the CAP Code. Most commonly this will occur when content is “adopted and incorporated” into a marketer’s own marketing communications... 

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The content conundrum

The second episode in The Moment's 'Small Beers, Big Ideas' content series takes place in the Salisbury Pub, where Debbie Morrison, Director of Consultancy and Best Practice at ISBA discusses the realities of content marketing.

Focusing on a topic that is dominating the marketing press right now, the interview covers issues such as: What’s the most effective working model for Brands in the new age of marketing and communications?Who’s getting it right and wrong? How are different brands and agencies taking on this challenge?


Listen to the full podcast here >

5 Golden Rules of Content Marketing 

Make the most of your content marketing strategy with these 5 Golden Rules from Toby Smeeton, MD of content agency, Sunday. Find out more about Sunday here:

Regulation of branded content 

Our recent legal seminar with Lewis Silkin looked at the latest developments and legal challenges that currently affect branded content. Topics covered include product placement, sponsorship and how the rules on vlogging, blogging and native advertising have changed. 

Interesting Articles & Downloads


Online ads must be viewable for 14 seconds to be seen, says eye-tracking study

An online ad needs to be seen on a screen for at least 14 seconds to have any chance of being looked at, according to a new study of more than 4,000 people.

5 ways data is improving consumer experiences

Big data is changing the way brands communicate with their customers - and enabling better experiences

Is content really the solution to lacklustre conversion rates?

Dramatic shifts in ecommerce over the last three years have created many challenges for retailers – with perhaps the most alarming a relentless downward pressure on conversion rates. E-consultancy investigates. 

10 interesting digital marketing stats from this week

There's a real mixture of great stats for you this week, from the inevitable Brexit effect to predictive analytics and even office romances.

B2C Marketing Uncovered: 7 Hard Content Truths

Content marketing is evolving, but are B2C marketers evolving with it? 

Will Brands Fund the Next Spotlight?

Over the last few years, tracing back to the 2014 New York Times feature on female prisoners that Netflix sponsored to promote Orange Is the New Black, brands and publishers have started to pursue investigative journalism partnerships. When done right, the collaborations have clear benefits for both sides: Brands get the publicity for backing high-quality work, and publishers get a jolt of revenue as traditional advertising sources evaporate. Contently article explores this plus more..

4 Trends Changing Content Marketing

Contently article

What is Quality Content?

Columnist Patrick Stox takes a comprehensive look at what Google might consider to be "quality content" and adds his own thoughts and tips based on his experience in the SEO industry.

Uber, Apple and Spotify are shaping the future of contextual content

Most of us are already familiar with the concept of screens in black taxis playing ads on a loop, whether we want them or not, writes San Sharma, Business and Technology Editor, Wunderman.

Content and SEO: Optimization from creation to conversion

How can you ensure that your content creation efforts don't go to waste? Columnist Jim Yu discusses how to align content creation with SEO goals and user needs for maximum impact.

Big Data worries around the internet of things

US – The volume of data collected with the rise of the Internet of Things ( IoT ) is the main concern among consumers according to a report monitoring social media conversations on the subject
The importance of using customer data for personalisation in 2016 - Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice

Interview with Jim Conning, the head of Data Services at Royal Mail.
Video: Content, data and technology | Brand Republic

This article reveals the question three media mavericks tackled at this year's Ad Week, Europe.

Content: The unifying belt

Wallblog article

Brands not investing enough in video, say senior marketers

Nearly three-quarters of content marketers do not believe brands are investing enough in video content, according to new research by the Content Marketing Association. 

Most brands already have charitable operations in place. The challenge is figuring out how to connect that altruism with the brand’s focus and values.

How 3 top betting sites handle social content

Social content is – or at least should be – entirely driven by a brand’s tone of voice. And that tone of voice should be driven in turn by the brand’s target audience and the image it wants to achieve. 

How 7 Departments That Aren't Marketing Can Use Content — The Content Strategist

While content marketing may be the trend du jour, content isn’t just for marketing. Content is everywhere: It’s the article that helps sales secure a coveted meeting, the memo from HR that announces a new acquisition, the personalized deck from account managers that keeps clients up to speed.

What does content strategy mean at The Economist?

The Economist has caught the eye of late, with notable successes in creative programmatic and experimentation with social platforms.

Tessa Wegert on the latest content marketing trends of 2016

Tessa is a business and tech reporter, former media strategist, and branded content developer. She contributes to such publications as Adweek, and The Content Strategist, and has worked with Audi, Audible and Shutterstock.

10 Point Plan: Content Marketing

There's It’s been hammered into marketers that content is king. It’s important for SEO. It builds relationships with consumers. It can help gain sales and leads. But how should brands and companies ‘do’ content? Paul Hunter, Marketing Manager at Liberty Marketing, presents 10 tips for better strategy, creation and distribution.

Reinventing the agency model for always-on production | Marketing Magazine

For today's content creation, shops have to adopt a make-it-yourself mentality, says Deutsch's director of integrated production

The biggest content marketing trends of 2015

By Jack Simpson @ E-consultancy

Quality, tech and personalisation: the key issues for content marketing in 2016

As content marketing continues its heady rise, what will be the issues shaping its future over the coming year and beyond, asks the managing director of the Content Marketing Association.

A view from Dave Trott: Content, content, content

"Magazine publishers, media company execs, ad agency owners. We were there to discuss what we thought was "the future of content..." (Campaign Magazine).

Curating world-class content is collaborative

The out-of-home (OOH) industry couldn’t have thought to play in the content space five years ago; now the opportunities are huge. The need to provide engaging, inspirational moments to monetise certain formats is driving the appetite for compelling content.

Land Rover: An automotive revolution in luxury content marketing

By Ben Davis @ Econsultancy.

You call it Advertising, I call it Content

At Time Inc UK’s recent Campaign summit exploring the future of content, there was quite an argument about the term "content" itself.

The right tools are critical, but you can't forget the Content!

Having the right technology is essential for any marketing strategy, but columnist Alex LePage reminds us that it's the content that will make or break your advertising campaign.

The SEO and User Science behind Long-Form Content

Nobody wants to read long pages of content on the internet, right? Columnist John Lincoln disagrees, providing compelling evidence that this type of content not only gets read, but also ranks and converts well. 

Four influential brands and why they're so effective - Econsultancy

Getting your brand right is one of the most difficult but potentially valuable parts of running a business. This article takes a look at the most powerful brands in the UK to see what makes them so effective and memorable.

Twitter users 'interested in messages rich in informational content'

A new study published in the Journal of Advertising Research, reveals that information and emotion are key to brand and engagement on Twitter. 

Experts reveal three tip for successful real-time content marketing

What three things does real-time content need to succeed? A panel at Social Media Week (London) argued for the importance of frozen content, preparing for spontaneity and predicting teh future when creating real-time social content.

Visceral content is all that counts in an attention-starved world

Read Rob Mansfield's article, Marketing Magazine.

Digital adspend forecast to become 51% of UK market in 2016

More than half of all UK adspend will be digital next year, Carat has predicted, with the total market to grow by 6.4 per cent in 2015.

3 Content Marketing Lessons Reddit AMA's can teach

What's the secret behind the popularity of Reddit AMAs? Tips on what content marketers can learn from some of the most successful AMAs, to build a loyal following.

Campaign Viral Chart: Pot Noodle's boxing hero ad tops most shared chart

Pot Noodle's latest as follows a young man trying to make it in the boxing world and has been shared more than 145,000 times in the past week.

How Australian supermarket Coles delivers engaging content on social - Econsultancy

Coles Online is indeed impressive. But how does its social media strategy compare?

Consumers can't tell the difference between sponsored Content and Editorial

In a new study, consumers identified native advertisements as articles a large percentage of the time.

Today's Consumers seek out great content wherever they can find it

Marketing Magazine Article on Seeking out great content

7 Steps to Semantic Content Excellence

What is Semantic Content optimiization, why do you need it, and how can you implement it? Columnist Eric Enge answers these questions and more. 

How to measure your content marketing ROI

Some non-traditional ways you can measure content marketing ROI. (

This month in #ContentMarketing: August 2015

A roundup of the best content, tools and tips published during August. (

Brand content consumers notice and remember: The Content Marketing Roundtable

Brands with truly resonant content think like media companies. They embrace emotions, take risks, and recognize what audiences value most - those were key tips from industry leaders who met in Chicago for this Olson Engage-hosted roundtable. (

Simple tips & tricks to help concoct new ideas that resonate with readers. (

Search & content needs to go hand in hand

With recent changes to the algorithm, there has been a shift that has benefited sites with the most user-focused content. (

The Tumblr for adults

How Medium is trying to improve branded content. (

Embrace the outliers

How abandoning certainty will unlock the creative qualities of Big Data. ( 

12 best social campaigns and stories from July 2015

The best stories from the world of social media over the past month. (

Hitting the optimise button

How knowing the basics of web layout and optimisation can make your content go further. (

Creative media thinking can free branded content

Ann Wixley lists what she has observed as the 5 key traits of branded content that will keep the category in good stead. (

10 steps to better content distribution

A quick 'how to' guide, outlining 10 steps to ensure your content is seen and shared. (

Why brands should use content to arm consumers with health information

Research from NewsCred shows desire for brands to provide more information on leading healthier lifestyles. (

Content analytics: a simple guide to marketing terms for creatives 

A handy guide looking at how creatives can measure the success or failure of their content. (

Get Personal with your content, not creepy. 

A personal touch makes a big difference in marketing. ( 

Finding a Content Marketing firm to meet your needs

How to match your needs with the services provided by agencies. ( 

To create engaging content, marketers need tech

How to keep conversations going across channels. (

Mind the gap: creating a need for stories in content marketing

Michael Reeves, business development director at Red Bee Media talks 'Kuleshov effect' otherwise known as the law of associative coherence.

Video content strategy: why do it & will anyone watch it

Econsultancy is toying with the idea of creating more video content for its blog, so David Moth has been investigating what it takes to come up with vaguely interesting content. 

Eight examples of effective emotional video content | Econsultancy 

It’s no secret that appealing to people’s emotions is one of the best ways to get them to engage with your content, and one of the best ways to create an emotional experience is through 

How to make your content shareable 

Industry speakers share thoughts on shareable content at PR Moment's Contagious Content event 

19 tasty examples of content marketing from the fast food industry

There's a reason your slightly hungover stomach knows exactly what to do when it sees those golden arches: It's called marketing.

Great Examples of Content Marketing


Four Examples of brands using an episodic content marketing strategy

Whether you’re hooked on 'House of Cards' or addicted to 'Orange is the New Black', I'm sure you can relate to that insatiable need to find out what happens next. Read the Econsultancy article here 

How three top betting sites handle social content

Social content is - or at least should be - entirely driven by a brand's tone of voice. And that tone of voice should be driven in turn by the brand's target audience and the image it wants to achieve. Click here for article.

Why is Chevrolet's content marketing so compelling? - Econsultancy

The theme underpinning most of Chevrolet's content strategy seems to be positive messaging, and this is evident in its blog page.

Digital Campaigns to watch: Barclays, EE & Clinique 

The Holy Grail in content marketing is successfully aligning brand messaging with key editorial pillars of informing, educating, entertaining and inspiring, all without resorting to shameless product plugs. See how Barclays, EE and Clinique have successfully channeled those editorial pillars to produce campaigns that are already delighting audiences and positively shifting brand perception. View them on

Sainbury's - Make your roast go further

Living well for less is at the core of Sainsbury's branding and producing content to match would seem like the next natural step. Their new site, which gives inspiration on how food/roast enthusiasts can make the most of their beloved Sunday treat does just that. With helpful tips, ideas and recipes, the site is perfect starting point to ensure that those leftovers are put to good use. Check out the site here.

Metro Trains – Dumb Ways to Die Video

An Australian company, Metro Trains, wanted to run a campaign that would promote rail safety. “Dumb Ways to Die” was viewed an impressive 83 million times on YouTube! The campaign preceded a reduction in accidents and deaths by 21%, and encouraged 1 million young people to pledge to be safer around trains. Watch here.

AMC Theatre – Ron Burgundy Infographic

American movie theatre chain AMC knew that people were going to be excited about the new Anchorman film. AMC decided to create an infographic that offered some top tips on how to dress as Ron Burgundy. This infographic is extremely humorous so it’s hardly surprising that it got plenty of likes and shares. Download Run Burgundy infographic.

Content Marketing & Production Event - Downloads

Thanks to everyone (both speakers and members) who made our recent Content Marketing & Production Event such a success.

Below are some presentations from the event, which are now available to download: 

  • Defining Branded Content - Andrew Canter, CEO, BCMA. View slides > 
  • Top 10 Tips to ensure your Content Marketing succeeds - Dominic Mills. View slides > 
  • Integrated Production - Jillian Gibbs, CEO, APR- view slides > 

Were you at the event? We'd love to know what you thought of the day. Simply fill in the Feedback Form