For the last 15 years we have worked intimately with marcoms procurement professionals inside member companies, providing a forum for sharing best practices, new tools and techniques and benchmarking activities in this growing discipline. 

In-depth insight with ISBA's knowledge pool

Working in-depth with marcoms procurement professionals over the years has given us a unique insight and understanding into this role and how it operates inside advertiser organisations. 

We have developed many documents and have a pool of knowledge that will help boost understanding of anyone working in this area. 

Global procurement insights

The consultancy team are also involved in a global group of marcoms professionals (Global Compag) which meets quarterly to discuss international issues related to buying marketing communications services.

Learn from our Communications Procurement Action Group

COMPAG - was set up to be the premier group for progressive marketing procurement professionals. 

The group meets every 6 weeks to share new procurement tools and techniques, enhance best practice, exchange views on agency management practices and learn more about the communications marketplace. See details of Compag

Tailored service

Just give us a call if you have a question about marcoms procurement and we will share our knowledge and try out best to help.

Self help resources

We have a range of useful resources available to all members, e-mail us with your requests

Magic & Logic

Round robins 

Reporting Value

Compag research

Salary research

Archive of presentations from Compag

Marcoms training