Digital Workshops

Integrated digital communications
Individuals will get an inspiring yet practical understanding of how to release the power of digital communications – ranging from content creation to e-commerce, interface design to digital outdoor and mobile applications. This workshop puts digital at the heart of the marketing communications strategy to maximise brand experience.

Making sense of social media
Making sense of social media delivers an overview of social media and how it is affecting businesses at every level. This workshop will deliver best practice and tips on how to develop your own strategies as well as examples of good and bad uses.

Beyond Like: Advanced Social Media for Brands
Effective real-time social marketing demands more than amassing followers and engagement. This course will take you beyond the basic mechanics of how each social network platform works and help you explore the more profound shifts in how your audience relates to your brand in a world dominated by digital connections.

Brand building in the digital age - Half day

This course brings together the fundamentals of brand building and re-frames then in the context of the digital revolution. Delegates will learn that digital has increase opportunities for efficient targeting but the potential of interactive media is less developed in brand building.