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Channel 4 & BrainJuicer

*Fully Booked* 09 February 2017  ¦  ISBA Offices, London   

Following last year's highly successful series of #ISBAinsights events, we're back again for 2017 with a host of top speakers and actionable insights. 

To kick things off, we heard from one of the industry's most respected marketers, Channel 4's CMO, Dan Brooke, who was named as one of the top 10 marketers of 2016. Dan gave us a fascinating look at their award winning campaign, "We're the Superhumans". If that wasn't enough, we also heard from David Whitelam from BrainJuicer, who gave us a sneak peek at how brands can predict advertising effectiveness. 


Channel 4 on "We're the Superhumans"
Dan Brooke, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer & Board Champion for Diversity, Channel 4

With a four hour time difference and no home advantage, Channel 4 did not have the easiest of tasks as the broadcaster for the Rio Paralympic Games. But they went on to produce one of the most successful campaigns of 2016.  “We’re the Superhumans” helped Channel 4 achieve ratings among young people that beat 2012 and changed the way people felt about disability. Dan Brooke, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Channel 4 spoke about the challenges they faced and how they set about producing an ad that was voted “Campaign of the Year”.


Predicting Advertising Effectiveness
David Whitelam, Head of New Client Development

I think therefore I… buy?! Can it be so simple? While our understanding of how people make decisions has grown significantly, the advertising industry has been slow to adapt, with new research suggesting that the “traditional” persuasion-based measures previously employed do not actually correlate to long-term business growth. It’s time for a different model which takes into account the behavioural sciences - one that puts emotion at the heart of the questioning. If you feel nothing, you do nothing; if you feel more you buy more. Using insights from the IPA Datamine and their work on John Lewis’ Christmas campaigns, David demonstrated how emotional engagement can be measured and how it is key to predicting long-term advertising success.


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