ISBA annual conference 2014

ISBA's Annual Conference provided its usual mix of deep industry insight, lively debate and great networking. Below you can see photos taken from the day and members can download some of the presentations.


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Regulatory Update

Our regulator’s view… Ed Richards, CEO of Ofcom, is charged with regulating the ever-changing communications landscape. He will share what he sees as the key issues for Ofcom and the industry to address over the coming year. Read speech.

Key Media Developments

Richard Eyre, Chairman, IAB is a media polymath. Five years ago he challenged ISBA conference delegates to stop applying traditional paradigms to the (then) emerging digital space. Most of what he predicted has come true, so what do the next five years have in store? Download presentation.

Data driven TV marketing

Sky has been operating its SkyIQ service for several years now, and began testing its AdSmart targeted TV product in mid-2013. Jeremy Tester, Director of Insight, Sky Media, will update delegates on progress and how data-driven insights are changing the way TV is planned and traded. Download presentation.

Making money out of mobile 

Mobile devices are uniquely equipped to deliver the most topical messaging and, by way of an electronic wallet, link right though to point of purchase. David Sear is CEO of Weve, a joint venture between the UK’s major mobile operators, and is tasked with monetising two revenue streams - advertising and mobile money – and he will share progress to date. Download presentation

Future of media buying in a data-driven world

Technology and data are changing the way media is bought and sold - what does it all mean for brands? How will it change how we buy media? How do we continue to balance the needs of brands to drive reach and scale with improved targeting and media effectiveness? Download presentation.

The interactive panel session featured:

Chair –Tess Alps, Chairman, Thinkbox 

Mark Creighton, CEO, Mindshare 

Jonathan Allen, Sales Director, Channel 4

Konrad Feldman, Co–Founder & CEO, Quantcast

Sarah Mansfield, Media Director, Marketing Services, Unilever UK and Ireland

Anna Watkins, Managing Director, Guardian Labs

Marketing in the boardroom (revisited)

Last year we heard from a number of CEOs who had climbed the marketing tree into the boardroom. This year we hear from participants in the inaugural Marketing Academy Fellowship programme, which is geared to preparing them for moving up to the boardroom table. They will share what they have learned on the journey so far, and will, no doubt, be issuing a few challenges. Download.

  • Jeff Dodds
  • Kristof Fahy, CMO, William Hill

    Agency Relations

    Brand as publisher - Agency agility required

    Faster, more agile, lower cost content is what today’s advertisers are demanding. It is clear that, for the ‘brand as publisher’, the old agency production cycle is no longer appropriate for all situations; Sara Bennison, Managing Director Marketing Communications, Barclays UK Retail Bank, and Pam Conway, Director of Marketing, Comms and Loyalty, British Gas Energy will highlight the need for change.  They will challenge the traditional creative agency focus on the TV model and outline how agencies need to reframe their approaches to produce content in a more agile and cost effective manner.

    The case for change…

    Many would argue that the industry, despite recent increases in spend, is not in good shape at a fundamental level. They point to continued bad pitching practices, the difficulty of attracting raw talent, and the paucity of great campaigns. And they particularly bemoan the focus on cost (efficiency) vs the value of the idea (effectiveness). Where is this leading? Certainly not, they would argue, to a situation which drives topline growth and brand equity. A senior industry panel comprising:

    Sonoo Singh, Journalist

    Ian Priest, IPA President, International MD, Chime Communications

    Phil Rumbol, Founding Partner, 101

    Dominic Grounsell, Marketing Director – Personal, More Th>n

    Carl Johnson, Founding Partner, Anomaly

    Richard Woodford, Global Procurement Director - Media, GlaxoSmithKline

    Simon Tilden, Global Category Director Advertising & Ideation Agencies, DIAGEO

    Will debate the issues and suggest changes in approach and behaviours to place the industry on a more sustainable footing for the future.


    Photos of ISBA Conference 2014 (Ernest Simons Photography)