Advertising represents serious investment by car companies and serious investment by consumers in a major purchase.  Getting that advertising right is crucial.

ISBA’s automotive advertisers group brings together the wide experience of the sector as the focal point for informing ISBA’s policy on the advertising codes and wider commercial communications and media issues.


How we work

ISBA is the focus for commercial communications issues in the automotive industry. We work closely with the SMMT Advertising Group and with the World Federation of Advertisers on EU wide issues.


ISBA is closely involved with developing advice on car advertising. We are the joint authors with LowCvp and SMMT of the Best Practice Principles Environmental claims in marketing cars.  Environmental claims remain an important issue with advertising regulator the ASA, and the EU Commission monitoring the type and level of claims. For example ISBA was able to help marketers of electric vehicles find a solution to regulators questioning of ‘zero emission’ claims by clearer, consumer friendly, wording for emissions associated with electricity generation.
Fuel consumption and CO2 labelling in advertising is required by law and administered by the VCA.  ISBA has a long track record of ensuring that the regulations are implemented in a way that meets the needs of consumers and the practicality of the media used.