New CAP Code: HFSS Advertising to Children

ISBA Teach-in Session

ISBA's recent teach-in session gave both CAP and our members an opportunity to clarify and discuss the new Codes regarding the advertising of HFSS products to children.

Taking place at ISBA Offices, representatives from CAP talked through a number of key areas, highlighting the impact of the codes for advertisers and how they can prepare before the new rules come into effect in July 2017. 

Topics covered include:

  • What's changed
  • Background & purpose of the new Code
  • Effects & outcomes of the new Code
  • Media where 25% of the audience is under 16
  •  HFSS-only content restrictions
  • Brand Advertising Guidance


CAP Guidance on brand advertising and HFSS product promotion can be found here >

A copy of the presentation slides can be found here >

Video content from the session can be viewed below:

HFSS Code: insights from CAP


HFSS Code: Q&A with CAP