Brand Safety

13 February 2017
Advertisers have practical tools, delivered by ISBA, to help tackle some of the risks we face when using programmatic ad serving.

ISBA sets out clear and practical advice for advertisers

Digital advertising has presented advertisers with new targeting opportunities. It has also brought challenges, especially when it comes to ensuring that the sites on which advertising is served are not damaging to brand reputation.

Here three first steps ISBA recommends to brands

1 Adopt ISBA's Framework Agreement for media services. We cover content verification and brand safety. The framework agreement includes clauses specifically designed to ensure that ads are not placed on inappropriate sites.

2 Follow Industry Best Practice: ISBA is a founding member, with the IPA, AOP and IAB of the Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards (JICWEBS), set up, in part, to tackle brand safety by reducing the risk of advertising appearing within illegal or inappropriate content online. Currently 35 companies have received this seal for Brand Safety and we advise advertisers to check all ad trading partners to make sure they have this certification to ensure their online reputation is protected.

3 Adopt ISBA's Brand Safety Guidance which outlines a number of tips and tools that brands can use to help protect their online reputation.

ISBA members can find the Framework Agreement and Safety Guidance here

Non-members can contact ISBA for further advice here

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