Scottish Government plans to limit marketing of HFSS products

07 September 2017
Changes in position announced in new Scottish Programme for Government 2017-18

On Tuesday, 05 September, the Scottish Government announced its new Programme for Government 2017-18.

It includes “measures to limit the marketing of products high in fat, sugar and salt”. This is a shift in the position of the Scottish Government which has hitherto focused on product reformulation and in-store promotions.

Appearing in a section on “Delivering Better Public Health”, the Scottish Government has declared that it “will consult this year on a range of actions to deliver a new approach to diet and healthy weight management – including on support to lose weight for people with, or at risk of, type-2 diabetes. To support this, we will also progress measures to limit the marketing of products high in fat, sugar and salt which disproportionately contribute to ill health and obesity."

The full document is available here.

ISBA is working with the ASA to clarify the position and identify the next steps.

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