IAB launches ‘Gold Standard’ to raise digital standards

20 October 2017
IAB Gold Standard now open to all IAB members involved in buying and selling digital advertising

As part of their ongoing commitment to raise standards in the digital industry, the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) this week launched their ‘Gold Standard’ initiative.

Global organisations including Facebook, Twitter and Google are among the 23 board members who signed an open letter committing to the initiative, which was officially launched at the IAB Conference and aims to:

  1. Reduce ad fraud through the implementation of the ads.txt initiative on all sites selling digital advertising. This new initiative from IAB TechLab shows who is authorised to sell a specific site’s inventory and prevents the selling of spoofed or fake inventory - https://iabtechlab.com/ads-txt/
  2. Improve the digital advertising experience by adhering to the LEAN principles and the standards set by the Coalition for Better Advertising https://www.betterads.org/ and never using the 12 bad ads that offer people a poor digital advertising experience in desktop web or mobile web environments https://www.betterads.org/standards
  3. Increase brand safety by working with JICWEBS to ensure that the Display Trading Standards Group (DTSG) Brand Safety Principles are valuable, applicable and continue to evolve with market expectations.  

Deadlines for implementing the three initiatives will be confirmed by the IAB over the coming weeks.

ISBA is fully committed to raising standards in the industry and fully supports the IAB Gold Standard. In addition, we would encourage our members to work with agencies who have committed to or have achieved Gold Standard certification.

Phil Smith, ISBAs Director General, said: ‘Raising standards in digital advertising is the top priority for ISBA and we welcome the work the IAB has been doing to create a Gold Standard. We encourage all parties of the digital advertising industry to get behind these very important initiatives as soon as possible. We are looking forward to working with the IAB in supporting this program.’

Further information can be found here.

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