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12 January 2018
Facebook has announced that they are to make significant changes to how brand and media posts appear in news feeds.

Facebook has announced that they are to make significant changes to their news feed, focusing on content allowing more "meaningful social interactions."

The shift away from branded posts and news stories follows research which indicated that passively reading articles or watching videos may not be good for our well-being.

The key changes, outlined by CEO Mark Zuckerburg, which advertisers should note include:

  • Users will see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media
  • Where public content is featured, it should encourage meaningful interactions between people
  • For brands, pages should expect reduced engagement / decline in their organic reach, referral traffic, and total video watch time
  • Ad rankings will not be affected by the changes

While some have called out the updates as a move to 'pre-empt the regulators', many industry commentators have focused on the financial implications, and how it will force brands to 'become better media planners'.

ISBA will welcome any changes that result in the public feeling less bombarded by poor quality advertising and having to feel less wary about what is being presented in feeds.

However, more detail is needed and we would strongly urge Facebook to be more open and accountable to advertisers and the public in its assessment of the current position and in its reporting of the impact of any measures it takes.

View Mark Zuckerberg's blog which outlines the key changes here.


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