ISBA is actively engaged with the UK and devolved governments and parliaments, the EU and international bodies to help achieve a regulatory structure that works for society as a whole.

Maintaining and supporting the effectiveness of the self-regulatory advertising system in the UK is a key ISBA objective. ISBA is the advertiser’s representative on the CAP and BCAP committees and on the funding body – ASBOF.

However our UK rules are not simply about self-regulation. They work at two levels; first on matters of taste and decency they are self-regulatory; on matter of misleadingness they reflect the UK and EU law. The ASA/CAP system is recognised as the ‘established means’ by the government in implementing and enforcing the law.  The Consumer Protection law is also enforceable by local government Trading Standards they would however expect the advertising system to have worked first.  When faced with a regulatory concern the first place to check with is the Codes of Practice. These implement UK and EU law, if in doubt check out the legal position.

Self Regulation

There are some serious benefits of self-regulation over and above State law making. For the consumer it is an independent, speedy and free means to get something put right.  Where there are no systems of self-regulation there is no alternative to using the courts. This can be both expensive and can take a great deal of time.
It is also possible to keep the rules up to date without the need to go though the detailed and time consuming process of drafting and passing new laws in Westminster or Brussels.
For more details about how it works for us in the UK and globally have a look at the Self-regulation tab.